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The Endo-Metabolic Syndrome
James Villarreal, PhD.
The effects of leptin and the dys-regulation in obese patients

Obesity can be cured. Yes, treatment has been available for years and more recognized since 2006, in the US. The good news is that treatment is safe, inexpensive, and predictable. For those who do not suffer from the disease-state of obesity, weight reduction methods are better than ever. Surgeries, lipo-suction, and other life risk procedures are not required anymore. The proof is abundant and even endorsed by well-respected medical professionals and leaders. With a connection made between the appetite-based form of obesity and other metabolic problems suffered by most chronically overweight persons, solutions became clear and predictable. The hypothalamus, center of appetite regulation, was identified as a source of problems for many obese people. The connections between that gland and the ‘inter-dependence’ of the other endocrine glands offered a view into the delicate exchanges which occur between them and the ‘balance’ necessary to regulate metabolism correctly. Most everyone understands the cause of diabetes, type II, and can see the corrective therapies at work with the ‘regulation’ of insulin. What was not so clear, was the effects of leptin, the hormone secreted by the hypothalamus. Thanks to the pioneering physician Dr. A. T. W. Simeons, that uncertainty has become more clear and leptins’ influence on weight related problems. A new idea that leptin was irregular in obese patients created a tactical therapy wherein that condition was manipulated by a clinical process, effectively.  Re-regulation of leptin allowed patients to beat their condition or at least, gave them a chance to correct other metabolic failures in their bodies, leading to a systematic recovery. A protocol that controlled macro-nutrients, e.g., carbohydrates, fat specifically, calories, and used medication to support healthy hypothalamic function, created a breakthrough for the obese. Dr. Joel Klein: The dys-regulation of leptin and insulin creates a complex series of metabolic failures and immense inflammatory conditions” (Dr. Joel Klein)Re-sensitizing patients to leptin and insulin has virtually extinguished their weight related problems and reversed diabetic conditions, within 6 weeks. The down-line of positive adjustments for that patient has been monumental, with noted shifts in blood work, reductions and elimination of features, and the patients’ reports of recovery. Critics of Dr. Simeons’ Protocol, believe that a clear connection made between hypothalamic dysregulation and someone’s ability to lose body-fat is not established. In other words, anyone can lose weight from a low calorie diet. However, critics have been unable to disprove the claims and cannot dispute the visible evidence provided by many thousands of patients. Recently, the HCG Protocol received praise and public acknowledgment by the Officials.  Other celebrity professionals like Dr. Oz from TV, have given favorable mention to the HCG Weight Loss Protocol. Not everyone needs HCG to manage their weight. There are many other approaches and products which work well. Most clinical experts agree that a low-glycemic diet, proper nutrition, exercise, and good supplementation remain a formula for health for many others. Because of the dual problem with high caloric intake, excessive secretion of leptin and insulin, a condition escalates creating ‘insensitivity’ and disease, e.g., diabetes II and obesity. Leptin has not been typically controlled or manipulated in the medical practice and the puzzle of chronic appetite-driven obesity has prevailed. Clinical management of leptin, insulin, and other key hormones, the obese and other key hormones, the obese condition can be extinguished. Patients can self-regulate and adhere to a healthy program optimizing their health. The great thing is that new choices provided by experts can restore health, vitality, and self-confidence to all. Anyone suffering from irregular weight control problems should consider a full physical examination and blood draw with a qualified expert. Hormone regulation may be necessary to help you complete the transition from poor health to great health. Hormones like estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, testosterone, all play a vital roles in well-being and longevity. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is safe, effective, and restores vitality and energy. It is truly a reversal of age-related conditions for most. Men who suffer from middle-aged maladies can get proper treatment with testosterone replacement (LowT) and youth restoring aesthetic treatments, taking years off. Metabolism requires attention and at times, a ‘tune up’. So, today’s medical advancements can allow all of us to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Managing Inflammation and Pain

Managing Inflammatory Pain 

Inflammation can be system wide or local to one area of the body.
There are various types of inflammation and types of distress.
Here is a general outline to a patient's condition.

Features of inflammation can include soreness, stiffness, pain, and emotional duress. Environmental stress, emotional issues, food and carcinogens, allergies to animals or substances, all can create inflammation.

Food is the worst culprit in most instances because of the toxic reaction that the body experiences, especially with foods that we consume often. If you experience gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, sinus problems, moodiness, and distension of the abdomen, I would review your food intake and make some of the ideas, below, a part of your new routine.

You should consider seeing a professional to diagnose your condition. If you have questions, I am happy to give you some guidance. 719-639-1110, Dr. Villarreal, 10a - 4p MST.

Here is a summary of foods to avoid:

Wheat, oats, barley, rye, rice, amaranth grains
Milk products; yogurt may be tolerated because the lactic acid in the yogurt denatures the        proteins which may cause allergies; whey protein may be tolerated as it does not contain casein.
Beans, lentils, yeasted foods, peanuts, citrus fruits, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, sunflower and corn oils

Supplements and the amounts specific to your condition:

Curcuminoids           500-1000 mg
Quercetin                   300-900 mg
Fish Oil Concentrate    1000 mg 2-4 times a day (gelcaps)
Flaxseed Oil         1-3 servings daily
Vitamin e                  400 IU
Vitamin c                  1000 mg 1-3 times daily
Magnesium         400-800 mg
L Glutamine             1000 mg 1-5 times daily
Acidophilus              1-3 times daily

Give your condition a few weeks to exhibit change. In some instances, your vitamin and diet regimen need to be adjusted by your guiding practitioner.

Good Luck!

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